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The Aluminium Alternative
- High Security and Complete Peace of Mind!

At Croft Glass we realise that not everybody wants
their new windows and doors to be in UPVC or Timber.
That's why we offer an Aluminium Alternative.

By their very design and construction they offer excellent security. They are made extremely rigid to resist distortion and bending and don’t need additional reinforcement.

The double-glazed sealed units are fixed in place by high - security beads which make
it very difficult to remove glass and reach window handles. In fact, optional security glazing clips make de-glazing virtually impossible.

You have a choice of appearance when it comes to the opening windows (or vents), but whichever style you choose it won’t look very attractive to a burglar!

A whole range of COLOURS are also available in Aluminium.

Door & Window Hardware

Lifetime Peace of Mind


Yale is the UK's most recognised and trusted name in the locking industry and at Croft Glass we understand that security is top of the list when it comes to choosing new windows and doors for your home.

The windows and door locking solutions provided by Yale far exceed the latest industry performance standards. Furthermore all windows and doors manufactured with Yale products and provided by a trusted installed of Yale Hardware will be protected by the Yale Lifetime Security Guarantee.

Homeowners can rest assured that family and possessions are protected by a leading name in home security.

Protection where it matters most


Up to £1000 towards home insurance excess
In the unlikely event of a break-in, Yale will pay up to £1000 towards your home insurance excess to make sure you're not left out of pocket
Up to £250 refund on all call-out fees
With the Yale Lifetime Gurantee, you are fully covered if the worst should happen. Yale will even refund call-out fees to secure your home if a break-in occurs due to failure of a yale component.
Up to £1000 towards repairs or replacements
Yale products are always designed to stand the test of time. That's why if a Yale component fail, they will pay up to £1000 for repairs or replacements
10% Discount on security products
By registering for your Yale Lifetime Security guarantee you can enjoy a 10% discount code for use against Yale security products purchased online at
£1000 compensation
If a break-in caused by a failure of a Yale component, Yale will do all they can to make it right. That includes paying £1000 compensation to apologise for the distress caused.