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Secondary Glazing from Croft Glass -
Silence is Golden!

Style and design is paramount - Noise reduction is EVERYTHING!

Secondary Glazing involves adding an extra slim-line window in addition to your existing windows. Usually they have white frames, although we can supply them in any of 200 colours. They are made from durable aluminium so they will not rot and require little maintenance. Aluminium is naturally strong so the frames can be made very slim, making our secondary glazing discreet and unobtrusive.

The secondary units are easy to install behind your existing window and door reveals.

The secondary glazing can be manufactured with curved heads to accomodate arched windows and doors.

Where is it used?

  • Busy areas where traffic noise is a nuisance - even when double glazing
    is already fitted (i.e. Hotels situated on
    or just off main roads).
  • Listed Buildings, Heritage and period properties, as wells as Conservation areas.
  • Leasehold or rented properties where changing the existing windows may be uneconomical.
  • Any property where you are unable to modify the existing external windows.
  • Any window that needs noise
    reduction and / or draft reduction.